Lossless data compression for DICOM files

TORII - lossless image compression for DICOM files. Quickly store and retrieve your high-resolution, high-detail medical image data

Reduce all DICOM file sizes by up to 85% while preserving all the data.


Now with TORII, archiving and retrieval are dramatically improved

Store up to 85% more imagery on your existing data storage system

radiography, ultrasonography, CT and MRI files supported

Quickly store and retrieve your data

The TORII Solution

TORII – Saving time and data storage by making full resolution diagnostic images accessible to doctors everywhere

Allowing doctors simple and faster storage for high resolution files

Up to 85% savings on sequence based scanned image data

 Saving time, space, power and data storage

With TORII ultra high resolution medical imagery is now accessible everywhere

Currently, 70% of all internet traffic is video. By 2019, it will have reached 80%

TORII greatly accelerates the streaming of all data from the cloud to users, Allowing access, anywhere, anytime.

Making a more efficient DICOM